i survived my first christmas! 12/29/14

and to think the next time i email it will be 2015! crazy

hello all! i am so glad that we were able to skype this week! such a blessing. a total tender mercy. not many missionaries in the mission got to skype. but i got to. i am so grateful!
  • i am so sorry i was so scatter brained and talked so much about random stuff during skype. i dominated the conversation (if it can be called that since it was so one sided!) so i’m sorry about that! but it did make me so happy to tell you some things that i haven’t been able to over email. i am glad that i got to meet shelbie too!
  • that reminds me. for the cardboard cut out, does it matter how my hair is? or will you photoshop my good hair onto the cutout? also, what about my shoes? should i be barefoot in the pic? thanks for making it. i want to “be” at the wedding
  • i am losing my hair. really bad. i thought i was spared from the epidemic that attacks foreigners, but my nutrition has not been optimal ever since ruby. so i am losing heaps of hair. its so sad. please pray for me that i will keep my hair. its like an emotional thing. like i have a little empathy for cancer patients now. i cry about it. i’m trying to eat enough protein but mom will you please please send me some protein filled things. like a lot of protein. or protein powder or something. pb m&ms and pb won’t cut it. thank you
  •  update on the preachers. or should i say creepers? remember how we are teaching 2 pastors? well, they started to bring their friend to church. i told you about how they took pics of/with me, right? well, the newest preacher keeps calling and texting us. stuff like “sisters i need help plz help plz” and weird stuff like that. we asked what he needed help with and he said “love life” so yeah…the zone leader told us to block his number. but since then he’s called us from different numbers. hahaha. its kinda hilarious really. the zone leaders have taken them over as investigators now! but don’t worry, i don’t feel worried, unsafe, or threatened. its just a bunch of 50+ pastors who like americans, right? haha so funny!
  • we had exchanges this week! i worked in another town and it made me so grateful for my area! not to say that Bato is not a good area, i just LOVE mine. its so clean and nice. i love it. i learned so much from sis nunez who i worked with too.
  • don’t send me anymore contact solution. i should be FINE. for the rest of my mission! i bought out the entire stock (6 bottles, wow!) of contact solution that an optical had. you should have seen their faces when i told them i wanted to buy all that they had. in cash. haha. hilarious! so yeah, don’t worry about sending me any! i am good! and i was able to explain to the optical girl that yes we do celebrate christmas because we believe in jesus christ and i gave her a pamphlet! BOOM oym!
  • how old do i look? be honest. people are shocked when they find out i’m 21. one person thought i was 15. really? really? this is the curse of having a baby face i guess haha. i better look 50 when i’m 80 haha.
  • i ate goat. yes its true. a member was excited for me to try it haha. it tastes like beef, just tougher. not a great texture, but ok!
  • will someone look up the side effects short term and long of msg? i can’t remember….. THANKS
  • sorry for the short email! i don’t have much to report this week
i love you all so much! thanks for your support and prayers in my behalf. please pray for my hair. sounds dumb, i know, but it is a really big deal to me. thanks. i am so grateful to be here despite the cockroaches, mold, and other little and big daily challenges. i am learning a lot everyday. mostly about how real the atonement is and how present Heavenly Father is in the tiniest aspects of each of our lives. He loves us so much. i love to teach people these things because I KNOW they are true. and i can say them boldly because i have no doubt that what we teach them is TRUE! i love this gospel!
and i love you all! i pray for everytime i pray! which as a missionary is a lot 🙂
love, j i mean sis brereton 🙂
pic 1: this one i like to call “buying all of the contact solution that an optical had” haha.
pic 2: exchanges with sis nunez. i don’t have that much hair anymore 😦
pic 3: us with one on my fav families here. they’re now less active returns!
pic 4: ummmm the best day of my life basically. haha thanks for the package!

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