Merry Christmas! 12/22/14

today we had a zone christmas activity! we had a gift exchange and lechon baboy (pig roasted on a spit) the elders went at 6am this morning to watch the guy kill the pig that they picked out on saturday, and then put it on the spit! we all met at the church at 10 to begin the activity and they came and delivered the baboy by 11! pretty cool, right? it was really yummy and we have TONS left over! i’ll send a pic!

Wow! its Christmas! i can’t believe it! it so doesn’t feel like christmas here. its humid and rainy and just not christmasy. which is good because then it makes me not miss home/the holidays! although it does sound incredible to be wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot chocolate and watching tv. i am so excited for winter haha.

this week went by in a blur! at this rate, my mission will be over in the blink of an eye!
  • monday night we went on splits with the sisters from st. bernard because we all were traveling from sogod the next day! sister mortensen (from lehi!) and i taught a less active fam and an investigator! it was kinda scary because she has only been here 1 transfer longer than i have and we’re not great at the language. I expressed this worry to her and she said, “well, we’ll just rely on the spirit.” i thought to myself, “oh. duh. i know that! why am i worried!” its good to have reminders of things we know, but forget! i led the lessons, which was crazy. and it went GREAT! it was so cool to see the spirit working through us. it was a really really cool experience that i have a hard time describing.
  • on tuesday we had mission tour! it was five of the zones that gathered together in ormoc! so 1/2 of the mission. we woke up at 2:30am to be ready to leave sogod at 3:55, but thanks to filipino time we didn’t leave until 4:45ish haha. our zone leader expected this timing mishap however, and we arrived perfectly on time! it was so fun because the second i walked in the door at the ormoc chapel i was basically attacked by sister malu from my mtc batch! i love her dearly! it was so sad though the whole day we only could talk for about 10 min because our companions were both pulling us away to other things. but i’m so grateful i got to see her nonetheless!
  • mission tour was really fun. the maurers are just THE BEST. seriously, i couldn’t ask for better mission parents. that’s really what they are. when we got there we all shook their hands and president maurer really quickly asked if i was good with my companion! i was happy i could say yes, and even happier that he remembered and followed up with me. of all the zillion companionships in mission he remembered the needs of mine. it was one of those moments where i had to tell myself to dry up and to stop tearing up hahah. missions make you so grateful for the little tiny things! like sister maurer sending us home with a ziploc bag of cookies she made for each of us for christmas. my heart was bursting haha.
  • mission tour lasted until about 4 in the afternoon and then we traveled for 2 hours, got pizza (sidenote: filipino pizza is SO not the same as american pizza), and went home! it was a tiring but fun day.
  • the rest of the week was pretty normal. now that our companionship issues are resolved the work is going MUCH better. not that it wasn’t going well before, it just better now. i’ve figured out how to keep my companion happy. by telling her certain things, asking her certain things, etc. if she is happy, then our companionship is happy. she is a very unique person i can’t really describe her well in writing. but satan works HARD on this companionship. so i working just as hard keeping it going well. anyways. the work is going really well! my language still has SO MUCH room for improvement. there’s still so much i can’t say/understand. but everyday it gets better. i am blessed with the gift of tongues EVERY SINGLE DAY. i am so blessed.
  • here is a story of how even the most paranoid person (ME!) can become less paranoid..for example: forgetting to change the water filter. my ultra-paranoia self has really calmed it down the last few weeks and so i just can’t believe that i forgot to change our water filter! my stomach/intestines like hurt for a day and since we hadn’t eaten at members i figured i just had a little bug. and then the spirit was like BAM and reminded me about the water filter! so we changed it and my stomach was immediately better. so yeah!!!! i’m becoming less up tight at the expense of my health! haha jk i’m still paranoid, just not ultra, mega paranoid like before.
  • i am so excited to skype with you all! i sent more info in the other emails to you. thanks lauren for creating a new account for me! oh, i only have 40 min to skype so lets make the most of it! i am really lucky to skype. since christmas day is such a good time for teaching/finding only those missionaries who don’t have to travel far to an internet cafe (me!) get to skype. i feel so blessed because i’ve been counting on this christmas skype ever since i got to the field. i’m so blessed. i seriously see so many tender mercies each day. Heavenly Father is SO aware of me in my situation. that is one of the biggest things i’ve learned on my mission so far. He is so in the details of each every one of our lives
  • i am so grateful for this christmas season and blessing it is to represent Jesus Christ at this time of year especially. it is an honor to wear the badge i wear everyday with His name on it, next to mine. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to share the gospel with the people of Sogod! this gospel is so true!
i love you all! have a wonderful christmas!!!!! it breaks my heart that i am not home with you all, it really BREAKS MY HEART! and its sad that i’ll miss another christmas as well. but i am on the Lord’s errand! i’ve got things to do here 🙂 and i’m so grateful to be here!!!! i love you all. thank you for your support and prayers. i can feel your prayers!
sis brereton
pics: #1 me and my halo-halo. a filipino dessert that has beans, corn, jelly stuff, more jelly stuff, and coconut milk, random fruits, etc. its so weirdly good. i get it everytime we go out to lunch!
#2 old typhoon photo! me and my american sisters eating american nutella during the storm! i only share it with those who truly appreciate its americaness
#3 mission tour! i was reunited with my beloved sis malu!!!!!
#4 lechon baboy! its a roasted pig! that’s what we had at our zone activity today!!!!
DSCN3265 DSCN3273 DSCN3347 DSCN3219

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