If ye are prepared ye shall not fear: Typhoon Ruby 12/9/14

that statement came to mean a lot to me this week! i will do my best to explain what happened but honestly its such a blur the past few days! if nothing else makes sense in my email just know that i am TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FINE! seriously. everything is soooo good in Sogod!

  • we were having a regular week! i honestly don’t remember what we did on monday or tuesday! but on wednesday we were doing our weekly service project with the zone leaders, cleaning the church. that’s when i first heard about the storm. the mission office had been communicating with the zone leaders about things, just as a warning. so wednesday we proceeded as usual with our day. This week was supposed to be transfer week though. so as a mission rule, the day before transfers, we deep clean our apt. we woke up that day and the zone leaders had a conference call, telling us who would be transferred…and telling us to please make a “kit” of food, clothes, etc that would last a week because we most likely would have to evacuate.
  • so i frantically did laba because i was running low on garments and then we ran to the store. i bought the biggest backpack i could find! and then we went down the aisles throwing stuff into our cart! just like the movies! i felt like i was in the movies because it was a serious adrenaline rush. but here’s what’s crazy. the locals weren’t freaking out at all. they just proceeded with life as usual because they don’t believe the news reports. and they think “god will protect us” i seriously heard some people saying that. which is crazy to think after yolanda! so we looked like the crazy missionaries running around, ransacking the store! it was hard to find stuff to buy because filipino foods are very different than american ones. i know exactly the type of things i’d get if i was in america, but since those things aren’t here i ended up buying a lot of tuna fish, and then cookies/cracker type things because there wasn’t much else to get.
  • the huge blessing is this: i had a bunch of american food from the package/that i had before that i’ve been hoarding. so i knew i’d be fine because i also had a few clif bars, beef jerky, oreos, and a big jar of peanut butter. so its kinda incredible that that package arrived when it did, and that i had those foods too!
  • we kept getting calls from the ZLs to hurry. so that made things tense! sisters from another area traveled to our area to buy stuff to prepare and didn’t have time to go back to their area after all of the hustle and bustle. so they’ve been wearing all my garments and clothes this week. thank goodness we are the same size! i love my american sisters
  • thursday we just kept waiting, waiting for word that we needed to evacuate. but the storm was so unpredictable that no one knew what we should do! so we slept at our apt thursday night. meanwhile, it was so nice out. like the best weather that i’ve experienced in the philippines. so that gives new meaning to the calm before the storm!
  • friday…i’m trying to remember. lets see. we lived life like normal. by this point we received word that we wouldn’t be evacuating, and that we would just be staying in the Sogod chapel (which is made for storms like these). so during the day we went on splits out in our areas to warn people about the storm and tell them to evacuate to the church. but NO ONE would listen to us. they are all too proud and say that their homes are fine even though they are made of bamboo and sticks and would be crushed in an instant. talk about unbelief. friday night we moved all our stuff over to the church! and the elders were awesome! they snagged the missionaries the best room. the elders stayed in the district president’s office and the sisters were in the fam history center. we took our mattresses over, food, clothes, entertainment, etc. we were ready to be there for a week!
  • there were some people who were smart and evacuated to the church. they set up camp and the missionaries kind of just ran the show. keeping people in line and keeping them from doing weird stuff. it was a great opporunity for me, language wise. because there were TONS of kids and so i just talked to them. and they know i can’t speak well so there was no pressure to me! it was way good practice for me. during all this time it still wasn’t stormy! we did the same thing on saturday. it was pretty boring really. but members made us adobo and brought to the church for us for dinner so that was awesome because we’d just been eating our snacks from our backpacks all day. so it didn’t feel like we were roughing it at all!
  • friday night we even had air con because there’s a small unit in the fam history center! it was awesome! we were laughing because we were living better than we normally do, even though we were technically evacuated hahah. saturday night was when the storm hit us though. it wasn’t bad at all. just windy and some rain. like really windy, but not terrible. the power went out that night, but the church has a generator! so that was sweet! and we always had cell service.
  • by sunday morning it was basically all over and people went home. we had only sacrament that day, and then the missionaries just hung about because the generator went out and so did the water. so we just hung out all day. we played cards and just chilled. it was weird to do as a missionary, but fun!
  • monday the power was still out. and we just hung about all day. we weren’t allowed to go out and work. but the power came back on last night! and all is well now! we’re back at our undamaged apt. the other sisters will probs be with us for a few more days since their area is without power still in their area. which is great for me because i LOVE THEM. we talk about america sometimes and they just understand me in ways that my companion just doesn’t haha.
i’m running out of time. there’s so much more to the story but it will have to wait! the bottomline is that we will not be reassigned, i can continue to work in this area that i love, and things are good! we were so prepared for this storm. the other missionaries started to call me “soccer mom” because i literally had everything that anyone needed. haha funny. but please pray for the other parts of the mission! they were much more affected. we were so lucky…blessed.
i’m sending some pics now. i’ll attach the storm ones if i still have time in a min!
love you all! thanks for your prayers.
love you alllllllll!!!!!!!
1: the dreaded task known as laba. are my clothes really getting clean??? let’s hope!
2: happiness
3: the baptism of tay cosme! look how tall and white i am hahah

4: happy late thanksgiving!!
DSCN3139 DSCN3152 DSCN3156 DSCN3159

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