Advance Merry Christmas!

that is what people keep telling us this week and i think its hilarious.

i don’t have loads of time to email today! we have a music practice in a bit. there are 6 of us singing o holy night at mission tour tomorrow in ormoc! its just a day long but i will get to see my beloved sis malu! and others from my batch. i’m so excited! and sorry that i’m not sending pics from my cam. we’re at a different internet cafe today and i don’t trust this comp to put my memory card in it!

here are the highlights of the week!

  • got the second package mom i love you. thanks! i haven’t opened it yet (self control unlike last time). i’ll wait til christmas on this one haha
  • the weather has been so good here. and it cools off at night. its awesome.
  • thank you for your prayers about me and my companion! things are GOOD now! and i feel so blessed. i talked to my zone leader about it and he validated me completely, said that he has noticed the same things. he told us to have companionship inventory so i initiated it and it turned out to be a total breakdown from her, not really inventory. she had a lot of bottled up emotions from her whole life really. telling me that she just has never had someone who will listen to her, never has told her mom she loves her, etc. just like she’s never vented in her whole life. she cried and let it all out. i listened and ever since then she has been HAPPY which means that i’m happy! and our companionship can work well together! i made her promise that she’d vent to me about things and so far she is and everything is GOOD! so thank you for your prayers concerning that because i know that’s why everything is better now.
  • my camera. i dropped it. its fine, but now everytime i take a pic there is a black dot that’s in the lens that shows up in EVERY pic. its so annoying. i don’t want to buy a new camera because that seems dumb, but i also don’t want to have a black dot in every pic for the rest of my mission.
  • the young women have taken to calling me “Sister Barbie” i think its hilarious because i don’t look like a barbie! i am white and tall…that’s all i’ve got in common with barbie! hahhahaha
  • we got screens on all the windows in our apt! so no more mosquitoes sneaking in to feast on me haha
  • i have been eating mandarin oranges. real mandarin oranges.
  • we have 2 progressing investigators and its really exciting! lots of investigators that don’t keep commitments so i’m grateful to have these 2! they are both so good and so prepared. its cool to see the hand of the Lord in their lives and to be able to explain it to them!
  • our personal study on saturday was serenaded by a screaming pig that suddenly just stopped screaming…i’m gonna let you guess what happened to that pig…
  • we watched the first pres christmas devo last night at the church it was so good! it was so happy to watch, yet so sad because i’m so sad not to be home for christmas! and next christmas too! but its ok. i just can’t be there right now. i’ve got to be here in the philippines! i know that there are people here waiting for me to find. and that’s what gets me through those really hard days that make me want to quit, give up and go home. this sounds all saturday warrior cheesy, but I KNOW there are people that i promised i would find. i don’t know if they are in this area, or the next, or the next but i promised them. and i can’t break that promise. yeah that sounds cheesy but i don’t care because its true hahah
  • and on a final note. thanks for always updating the blog! you know why i wanted it in the beginning: because mission blogs were so vital in my physical, mental, emotion mission preparation and i want to be able to help someone who is preparing as well! and i know i’ll look back on things i’ve written in these emails and think how stupid i sound, or how dumb i am, but as long as that blog helps others i will be happy! and its just like in Mormon 9:3 where he says that he just hopes that he hopes the record will help others to be smarter that “ye may be more wise than we have been”. that’s what i hope for this blog!!!!
  • i have to email my wonderful mission pres now, and then go to the song practice.

love you all! thanks for you specific prayers for my needs. i pray for each of you individually, multiple times a day!


sis brereton


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