Living on a prayer. And tylenol/advil

hello all! don’t let the subject line fool you… i’m totally fine. i just wrote it out and realized that it sounds like i’m in the hospital. i’m not. i’m fine. i was sick this week though….this week was definitely the hardest week i’ve had here. but it’s all good in the neighborhood.

  • first i’ll get to the nitty gritty. i started to feel pretty crappy (really there’s no other way to say it!). we were in district meeting and it hit me like a bus: achy body, huge headache, bleh. after district meeting i laid down for an hour, took ibuprofen, and we worked. but i still didn’t feel great. i was like that for the rest of the week. and my throat was hurting too. I thought, oh great another virus. by this point i was alternating between tylenol and advil because i felt FINE while on it, but the second it wore off i was tired, lethargic, achy. meanwhile my throat hurt. I woke up in the night friday night because my throat hurt so bad. so saturday morning i did the flashlight text and BANG BOOM BAM white dots at the back of my throat! i texted sister maurer, and she told me non-penicillin related antibiotics to get, we got them for me and BOOM i’m so much better now. my throat almost doesn’t hurt anymore, and i will finish the antibiotic! i was actually super scared/mad when i realized it was strep. mad at myself for not catching it earlier. it was weird tho because the body aches preceded the sore throat so i just suspected it was viral and never looked at my throat. i was scared that it had already spread to my kidneys or something since i waited so long to get antibiotics. BUT ALL GOOD NOW!!!! happy and healthy!!!
  • second. this week i realized that i don’t like rainy season. its kinda scary. this week a storm came in. it just rained and rained and rained. when we woke up in the morning it felt like it was night still because it was so dark. but we went out to work anyway because we’re not gonna let a little rain stop us! we were teaching at a members home, when suddenly the power went out! so when there is a burn out we’re supposed to go home since its not super safe. so we went home in the dark. it was kinda eerie. but really it was fine. when we got home the water was working, but 10 minutes later it shut off. SO ANNOYING. without power and water. lucky the power came on an hour later. water didn’t come on until the next day though. but all is well. it wasn’t like a bad storm or anything. just kinda annoying!
  • i opened the package. HOLLA. Thank you mom i just love you so much! i told my companion as i was trying to get through the tape to prepare herself for some waterworks because i was bound to cry. slowly, slowly the tears slipped out. especially when i saw the jar of nutella. oh my goodness. and then when i saw the chocolate covered cinammon bears, and when i saw that they weren’t even melted, I lost it. totally lost it. thank you so much! i try to ration the nutella and only eat it on days that my companion hurts my feelings. so…everyday haha
  • confession session: i’ve been buying clothes. obviously i am too huge for the clothes in stores, but there are these market things called uki-uki where its used clothes that have been shipped for the u.s. that you sort through and then buy for crazy cheap. my companion is a master at finding gems. so last pday we went there. i got 4 skirts, 1 dress, and 100000 mosquito bites, all for less than 7 american dollars!!!! will i ever be able to buy from j.crew again after getting used to these prices? probs not. (and from now on i will put on extra bug spray before going there!)
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING! i have a pic to send but its not letting me send pics 😦 next week. the good news is that i saw wild turkeys the day before thanksgiving! cool, right? actually they were so ugly. so ugly. but due to the time change, i was mid downward facing dog (yoga) during exercise on the morning of nov 28th when i realized that all the people i’ve ever loved are chowing down on all of my favorite foods, and that lindsie was in the air on her way HOME! crazy to think. but don’t worry, i’m not sad! i’m happy to be here! and the fact that its SO hot yet its december makes it not seem like the holiday season AT ALL.
  • we had a baptism on sunday!!!!!!!! it was supposed to be saturday but the mission is changing some procedural baptism things so it was on sunday! it was the baptism of tay cosme, a cute 67 y.o. who the sisters have been working with since april!!!! he is so cute. i’ll try to send a pic!
  • we have progressing investigators. its really rewarding. so many investigators don’t keep their commitments so its good to have some that do!!!!!
  • we ran out of gas this week. meaning that we couldn’t cook on saturday night or sunday! the stove we have is powered by a propane tank and we ran out! the zone leaders went to fill it up for us this morning though so we are back in business!!!!! meanwhile, we got inventive with our rice cooker 🙂
  • as always, please continue to pray for me! i know you do. but still pray that i don’t get dengue, that i maintain my health, my companionship, and the LANGUAGE! i pray everyday for the gift of tongues AND interpretation. the language is SO much harder than i thought it would be. ironically, it was the one thing that i wasn’t worried about before my mission….i was worried about everything else. but now its my biggest trial! if i could just speak well/understand half the time i could be doing so much good! its such a “simple” language…meaning that there is only one way to say most things. but that makes it harder because i have to really narrow down my thoughts and make them so simple to be able to translate them. so i have to stop thinking in complex sentences like i usually do. its hard because i feel like i can’t really be myself completely because i can’t express myself like i normally would. its something that i will get used to thought! it just takes patience!
  • i love you all and i’m so grateful for your support. i just finished my first 6 weeks! the time is going by pretty fast. i love this gospel!!!!!! i know its true!!!
love you all! i’m out of time 🙂
sister brereton

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