(wo)man can not live my bread alone

and that’s why i ate a ton of rice this week!!!!

k sorry ya’ll i don’t have loads of time to write this so i’ll just give you the general deets.
  • we were fed a lot this week and so i had lots of rice! i’m getting to be a real fan. i hope i don’t get rice cheeks/belly. its a like living in a carbohydrate world. so when we’re not at members i focus on protein.
  • this week we had zone training meeting. it was really good! good to see our whole zone and speak in english haha. its crazy we are losing one of our elders because he is from sri lanki and did you hear? they just reopened that mission! he got called directly from the prophet to leave this mission and open the mission in his home country! crazy cool but we’ll miss him!
  • i am so grateful that i have had good health here. honestly its the biggest blessing so thank you for your prayers  . i can literally fell them pushing me along. this week we ate a members. they have a bunch of little girls who were like all over me haha. to me i am just a sweaty, pale looking girl. but to them i must be like a unicorn or something hahah. so yes, i got smothered. it was cute though they’re darling girls. so they fed us. we had rice and noodles and kfc! i thought oh my i would never eat kfc in america but now i am so happy to eat it! so i chowed down on fried chicken while thinking that my companion and i are stupid for not knowing there is a kfc in our town! at the end of the meal the brother said, “did you like the chicken” i said yes and explained how kfc started in utah and how happy i was! and then he said, “well good, because it came from cebu.” talk about my heart dropping into my stomach which was digesting the bacterial mess of chicken i had just eaten. i was so worried. but acted otherwise! once we left i asked my comp how far away cebu is. she told me it was a 5 HOUR drive. i know too much about food safety mom, too much. but i try to shush that side of myselft. and here is the miracle. i didn’t get sick. i am so so so so so so so so grateful. i don’t know how to describe how grateful i am!!!!!!
  • this week went fast because we had something different each day. one day we had splits with the sister training leaders. they came to our area and we taught our investigators! it was cool to be with a different companion and learn a different approach/style of things.
  • the language is HARD. i was prideful before, thinking that since i conquered spanish this language would come quick. its hard for me to learn it! its a differnent way of thinking. i can’t express myself like i do in english because there aren’t words for it. cebuano only has simple words. there is only one word that means all these words and more: awesome, cool, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, sweet, etc. its frustrating to me because i use lots of words! so i have to really think simply, then translate it to cebuano. its super hard for me to do. i pray each day for the gift of tongues and interpretation, but its still a gradual, frustrating process. i am learning patience for sure!!!
  • i had a little moment where i cried in gratitude (this happens often) for the Lord sending me to Sogod. its a pretty big town and so there is a real store, shops, a real town. i just know that i would have had a meltdown and totally crumbled if i was in the bukid, like some are, without an actual store, just a public outside market, etc. i am so grateful and know that the Lord is SO aware of me and my situation and worries and concerns.
  • sometimes i just can’t believe i’m here. its like, i have been waiting my whole life to go on a mission and now i’m here and i’m like WHAT. its real life. sometimes i have de ja vu moments where I KNOW that i had a dream about a certain moment i’m in. lots of times i remember when the dream was and it was back when i was in high school. its really cool. i know i’m exactly where i am supposed to be!
  • i love how much we pray as missionaries. i don’t know how many times we do, but i will count. its incredible to have such open communication with the Lord and report constantly on our efforts, worries, and concerns thorughout the day.
  • its hard to stay hydrated. its hot and very few bathrooms when we are out. i try to load up on water in the AM when we are home and i’ve got free access to the potty. and then i try to drink lots at night when we’re home, but then i have to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom and that is just a pain.
  • speaking of sleeping. i don’t sleep super well. its not because i’m hot because we have fans and i stay at a nice temp. i think its becuase i’m kinda stressed here at the beginning of this adventure. and becasue i’m so not used ot 8 hours of sleep. i wake up at 5ish every morning hahah! i guess i am still on the hospital schedule haha!
  • our daily schedule: wake up at 630 and exercise for 30 min. i do yoga. 7 i have my bucket shower, get ready, and eat my daily oatmeal that i stir peanut butter into. we have personal study at 8, companionship at 9, language at 10, lunch at 11. i eat a lot of tuna fish and mangoes for lunch! and chicken and potatotes too. at 12 we do the 12 weeks program which is training for new missionaries. at 1 we go out to our teaching appointments! sometimes our day gets pushed back if we have a meeting or whatever. but then we go home around 730 or 8 and then plan, eat dinner, and do whatver until 1030 bed.
  • our new investigators have a pet monkey. no jokes. i WILL get a picture and i’ll send it asap!
  • “why are you white” i am usually asked this about 1 time/day by some bold, brave, little filipino child
  • i have to duck down a LOT when we are walking in between houses. or else i will get clotheslined. literally. literally clothes lined
  • we had our first bible bash yesterday! actually it wasn’t really a bash. i sat there and was grateful that i wasn’t a fluent speaker or else i would have to contribute to the discussion. here’s the story. a member of the ward has pastor friends who are interested in the church so we started teaching them the message of the restoration but the second my comp referred to jesus as being a prophet they jumped all over that looking for scriptural evidence. luckily the member is way good with the bible! and answered their questions. and they want us to teach them again….so we’ll see how that goes!!!!!
i am out of time! but i love you all. i can’t express how grateful i am to you all for your prayers in my behalf. i have been so blessed thus far and i know that the Lord will continue to take care of me as i strive to do my best and as i go to Him frequently in humble prayer. this gospel is so true! if it wasn’t i wouldn’t be here because i wouldn’t endure these things if it wasn’t true!!! haha.
love you all!
love, j
p.s. pics attached are me wearing my glasses: proof that i occasionally take a break from my contacts, a beautiful everyday seen, and happy birthday adam!!!!!!!!!!!
DSCN2949 DSCN2980 DSCN2989

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