Mosquito bite count: 1 million

hello all!

so the mosquitoes love me here! i have a lot of them, despite trying to use bugspray. i will get better with that! but the little blood suckers just love the taste of my sweet, american blood. let me think of the answers to your questions. i emailed back and forth so now i don’t have loads of time, but i’ll do my best!
  • the biggest news of the week: There is a legit grocery store! i kid you not, my companion thought i was a crazy person when i wiped a tear off my cheek as we walked through the door (i’ve been very emotional lately haha). when she said “let’s go to the market” i was thinking of an open market, not like a grocery store!!!! i found jif pb and jam and bread. so i’ve been living off of that and eggs and oatmeal. this week i’m working on diversifying my diet haha and being braver to try new stuff. my inner foodservice self is just TERRIFIED to eat some things. like the meat. the meat counters are sketch. the meat is placed in a cooler thing, like the ones that have an open top and have frozen foods in them at like walmart. but the meat isn’t frozen and its SELF SERVE. people with communal tongs grab a plastic bag and place individual pieces of meat and then give it to the person to weigh. i also have watched the workers slice the meat and i just can’t bring myself to buy it yet. so tuna fish has been my source of protein lately haha. i’ll get braver soon. i’m just letting my digestive system work up to it haha.
  • is there a new david archuleta song? i heard it in a store the other day and just sighed and held it together like a strong person haha
  • big deal alert: i’m pretty sure i found the fruit from the tree of life! its called a mango! people told me that mangoes here are incredible but i seriously underestimated how delicious it could be. SOOOOO good.
  • sometimes our apt smells like smoke. not to worry, its just the smell of our neighbors cooking. most people cook over an open fire here. no joke. its crazy to me. we’ve been blessed to have a little propane stove thing though, so i’m glad i don’t have to deal with a fire everytime i make eggs!
  • ok so i don’t know how else to say this. so i’m just gonna say it. everyone LOVES me. ok, rephase, they don’t love me, they love my skin tone! hahah. its hilarious. everyone here wants to be white! in fact. all the beauty products in the stores have whiteners in them. so everyone just loves me because i’m white! haha oh how different it is in america! on tuesday we had a following of 3 girls who kept trailing behind us. i didn’t know what they were saying but they kept trying to touch my arm. they told my companion over and over how much they liked me. haha its because i’m white. its so hilarious to me!
  • things i have been told this week: “you look like a doll. do you sing?” a guy in the store walking up and saying “you are so beautiful” haha and a member who was talking about my skirt randomly said, “i love your color” and i said “oh thanks i love coral too!” thinking she meant my skirt. but then she told me that she was talking about my legs hahaha. SO FUNNY
  • i sleep ok here but i wake up in the night a lot. its annoying. but i’m not tired in the day and its not slowing me down, so no worries!
  • the weather has been so much cooler than i expected. i’m grateful for it because its rainy season and cloudy a lot. i will die when june/july comes and its full on summer. pray for me to have endurance in the heat!
  • in fact, each day i pray a LOT and i always pray that i won’t get dengue fever, i won’t get sick from food, to not miss america, and to endure in the heat! and my prayers have been answered.
  • here’s our adventures of the week: 1- sometimes our water in our apt randomly turns off. so we have a bunch of water bottles of filtered water that we fill up. and we keep our shower bucket full always so we’re prepared. it always comes back on! 2- we went hiking to find a investigator’s house. but couldn’t find it. saw a crazy view of miles and miles of palm trees and i wish i had my camera!
  • i have been called fat 2 times this week. once by a member kid and once my another missionary from my mtc batch who says i look like i have rice cheeks. rude. and not true, i definitely haven’t gained weight here. and i’ve hardly had any rice HA.
  • i’m out of time. but i love you all and know that this gospel is true! our work has been slower than i’d like but we are plugging along! i love this work!!!!
love you all
p.s. pics attached: happy halloween! we just worked all that day! and a frog that was chillin on our outside trash can!DSCN2920 DSCN2916

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