Grow where you are planted! 11/24/14

even if the place you are planted feels like you’ve been locked in a sauna and someone threw the key away!

ok..that was dramatic. actually i’m totally surviving in this climate… more on that later!!
so hello! glad to here you all got the letters i sent out! to be honest, i’m relieved to hear that you got them because sending them was pretty sketch. the post office here is a one room operation in some random building that you access through an alley…and the lady sending the letters seemed to just decide a random amount for me to pay haha. so i’m glad that they made it to america! thanks for all the emails and letters and packages! i love you all! its makes life so much better.
so i actually don’t have a ton to report on like i usually do! so i will think of more things to tell you to compensate 😉
  • so. about the subject line! that is my way of saying that i am finally feeling adjusted to my life as a missionary and that things feel “normal” now. as normal as things can be here! i realized that today is marks 1 month of being in Sogod. so its probably right about time that i am used to this life i’m now living! but yeah, things are good.
  • last pday i found some of that bug lotion that i wanted you to send mom. so don’t send any of that, unless you already did then that’s great! and i also found contact solution BUT its a totally sketch brand i’ve never heard of and so i don’t trust it. so i’m not dropping the $7 on it!
  • this week was good! time is going pretty fast! i now understand the whole missions go fast thing. not that i feel like mine is flying by, but i am starting to understand how losing yourself in the work makes you lose track of time and then BAM you’re going back home! anyways.
  • i get called ma’am like ALL. THE. TIME. “hello, ma’am” etc. it cracks me up because when i think of “ma’am” i think of a 60+ lady haha. but its because i’m white honestly. the whole fascination with white people continues to crack me up. i get called barbie a lot because i’m tall. and when we go to stores (sidenote anytime you go to a store here they have security guards to check your bag before going in or going out to make sure you don’t bring something crazy in the store, or steal anything on the way out) they don’t check in my bag. at first i thought it was because we’re missionaries and they trust us, but then i started entering the store before my companion (previously she always entered in first) and they would check her bag but not mine. HAHA hilarious.
  • This weeks special menu items: squid and pig feet! i make myself try these things because, come on! but i seriously only eat one bite. squit is chewy. and the members think its funny that i have one bite and i’m done
  • can someone google how much mercury is in tuna fish? i have been having tuna fish sandwiches a ton. and i don’t really want to o/d on mercury, ya know? how much canned tuna is safe/week? and to answer the question you are thinking, no i haven’t bought fresh fish myself. too scared.
  • also can you tell me what the symptoms of athletes foot are? i DON’T have it. i am just curious.
  • mom, ask gerie pugina about the friend she has in the philippines, alma junsay. she gave me the name and address before i left and i don’t know if its a referral or she’s a member or what? the lady isn’t in my mission though but i can pass the referral along. also there is an elder junsay in our district from the same place so i wonder if they’re related.
  • go to the temple for me!!!! we’ve been teaching about the temple a lot lately and it made me really miss it! i wish there was a temple near to us and that’d we’d get to go sometimes. so go for me! i can’t wait to be able to go again!
  • mosquitoes still love me. but i use bug repellant like nobody’s business so i rarely get bites now! thank goodness. but i think that a spider or something got into my clothes because this week i randomly had 4 bites on my shoulder/upper arm area! but get this. the bites are where my shirt covered, but NOT where my garments are. the everyday person would think i didn’t get bitten where my garments are because its 2 layers of clothes there. but i know that is not why!!! cool, right? garments protect us.
  • speaking of food: i am eating a ton. so don’t worry about me! i eat A TON for lunch and then A TON for dinner. unless we’re eating with members i only eat a little to take it easy ya know. i don’t want to get sick and i’m so grateful i haven’t.
  • the mission takes care of us. this week we were hand delivered a toilet seat my president and sister maurer! haha. on thursday we got a text from the missionary couple in charge of the apts and missionary supplies, asking if our apt needed anything. nothing came to mind to either me or my companion. one minute later we got another text that said “maybe a toilet seat?” haha. i honestly have forgotten that we didn’t have one. so we said yes! it shows that they really keep track of these apartments and know what they are lacking! also, we talked to our land lady about getting screens on our windows so that we can have them open without mosquitoes piling in to party it up. so soon we’ll be getting screens! happy day. we are very taken care of by the mission and i’m SO grateful to them!
  • this weekend was district conference! that’s why pres and sis maurer were here! it was really wonderful to see them and to have our zone all together! sis maurer came and inspected our apt to make sure it was good, and then she went with us to teach a recent convert. having her there to bear testimony, even though it wasn’t in cebuano, was powerful! i LOVE the Maurers. They are so wonderful. President Maurer is like a cool dad that you can just joke with but if there was anything serious to talk about it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable to discuss it. we all LOVE him.
  • i’m surviving the heat. i wish that someone had told me that it cools off at night! then i wouldn’t have been so scared!!!! the nights are cool and nice. still crazy humid but not blazing hot at night. the days are very hot but the sun goes down by 5:30 and it stops being crazy hot by like 4 so its totally do able! its a huge blessing from the lord thought that i am surviving the head just FINE. i am so grateful!
  • we were super punted this week. Punted= we get stood up or we get to their house and they don’t want us to teach them for whatever reason they have. so that is annoying! but we’ve had some cool lessons this week. we are teaching a couple who is very interested. the guy had a dream the other night that said “buhata” which means make it happen or do it and so he thinks it was a sign that he needs to join the church. we’ll see what happens with them!!!
  • i am so grateful that i’m not homesick anymore. i was definitely homesick. i’m sorry for the probs depressing emails that i sent haha. it used to be that i’d be reading in the scriptures about the promised land and i’d start crying! or we’d be watching the district dvds for training and the missionaries would be wearing coats and sitting on couches and driving cars and i’d tear up! but its all good now. being trained is just a very uncomfortable process, its hard. the learning curve is very steep. but its good! i’ve got a good comp and we are 1/2 way through training! she goes home after she trains me!
overall, things are really good. the language is still really hard for me. thank you for praying for me in general, and for specific things! i am so grateful to you all for your support. missionary work is exactly that: WORK. i am tired at the end of the day. and i’m finally sleeping really well. at first i didn’t but i am now! i just feel so blessed by all the tender mercies of the Lord each day. there are SO many. SO many that i start to lose count. the Lord is so gracious and merciful to me. i am so blessed.
love you all so much! my email time is up. never stop reading, praying, going to church! we have TONS of less actives here because stopping the small and simple things brings less activity to pass. it starts small and ends up huge. in fact, we have stopped by 2 LAs this week who were smoking when we first got there 😦 sad.
but yes, i am doing well. please continue to pray for me and my health! i know that it why i have been fine so far!!!! i love you all!
sister brereton
DSCN2997 DSCN3008 FSCN3030

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