Coming at you live from the Manila MTC!


They’re letting us email so you know we’re alive!

We are at the Manila MTC right now. We’ll be here until Tuesday! The only reason why we are here is because lately its been hard to get Philippines visas. We have our temporary ones but we have to appear to get the permanent ones. I think that is why Allison had to go to Manila part way through her mission. If we do it now, then we won’t have to do that! So that is our only purpose for being here at the MTC. They told us they will just fill our time with other things like language study, normal MTC stuff, etc. P.S. We’re 14 hrs ahead of MST. Its just after 11am on Saturday!!!

First I’ll talk about flights! I literally thought that i might die because we flew SO MUCH! But it was fine. I didn’t sleep the night before (since we left provo at 3am) and so i slept on and off on every flight.

Our first flight to Portland was grand. and short! Then our layover was forever long! But it was good to talk to you Mom and Dad!! Sister Malu and I went to get “our last american meal” after I talked on the phone. We got hamburgers and fries and milkshakes. It was SOOOOO good. Then we hopped on our 11 hr flight to Tokyo! I had the window seat #tendermercy and they fed us two meals. Since i know you will want to know (mom!) the first meal was dinner: chicken breast, supposedly cheesy mashed potatoes (not realy cheesy haha) with mixed vegetables, a roll with cheese (probs the last real cheese i’ll have in a while!), and a little brownie thing. BASTA (Anyway), the other “meal” was a croissant sandwich with a yogurt and a kitkat (random). We got to Tokyo at like 4:45ish. The airport was classy. And there were a TON of fantastic stores that we drooled over i.e. chanel and celine, and others! Anyway, we were excited to use the bathrooms because i heard that they were like the ones in cars 2. they’re cool, but not that cool. Each stall has a special feature. the one i was in had like a baby holder/car seat thing attached to the wall. TMI? haha i though it was funny.

They we had the flight to Manila that was about 5 hrs. It was good, they fed us again. When we got to Manila is was 10:30 local time and by the time we went through customs it was almost midnight! Church people picked us up and we rode a bus to the manila MTC! It’s small here, but nice. And its crazy humid, of course. But its overcast so no sun to worry about so far! I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF THIS! I’m just soaking it all up. Today we go on splits with the Manila missionaries to go street contacting! since we’re in Manila (tagolog speaking mostly) my cebuano skills probs won’t come into play so much, but we shall see! i’m excited!

We get to email again on Tuesday (the day before we leave for the field!)

I’m doing great and love you all! sidenote: My hair is looking fantastically waving. loving it!!!

love you all,


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