Where did the time go? Last Provo MTC email!

But REALLY. time is flying by. this week went soooooooo fast! i don’t even know what happened.

We leave on THURSDAY! we are supposed to be at the travel office at 3:35am. so that’s a party!
for some reason unbeknownst to me, i am the travel leader for the tacloban missionaries. what!? i guess its good since i’ve had plenty of airport experience and have flown internationally before. some of these missionaries have never been on a plane before… so i’m not even kidding when i say pray for me while we’re traveling because i’m in charge of a bunch of people (mostly crazy elders)! and one of them asked me if I could delay our flight to manila so that we can go shopping tokyo aaaaand that’s why i’m worried haha! but really i’m not worried, it will all be fine! its going to be a intense couple days of traveling though!
this week was awesome! our district is finishing out strong.
  • general conference was awesome. can i get an amen? i was secretly hoping they’d announce something awesome. like.. oh i don’t know, a temple in tacloban? k fine, i know i know. and speaking in native languages? talk about a prophecy being fulfilled once again that people will hear the word in their own tongue! my favorite talks were Elder Jorg Klebingat because he talked about having a good diet! and it was awesome in general. super bold- i loved it! i also loved Elder Holland’s talk. i may have shed a tear. it was cool because all of the missionaries watched general conference together. and i’d just like to say that i’ve stepped up my game and didn’t even close my eyes ONCE. be proud mom, be very proud.
  • we watched the general women’s meeting while the elders watched priesthood. i loved that meeting too!
  • also did you notice that in one of the prayers the families of missionaries were specifically blessed? SO COOL
  • this week was pretty normal, nothing extraordinary. PSYCH. let’s talk about the day we got donuts. Oh my gosh Mom and Dad you literally made the day the best day ever! i told my district how i asked you for donuts, so everyone has been waiting. i almost cried when i saw them. really though. i wish i could send pics but this computer won’t let me! so thank you mom and dad! my whole district loves you haha so do i! thank you thank you thank you!
  • also the coconut! thanks mom. the islanders in my district got so excited and LOVED IT! apparently they eat the whole thing, and not just the white part. i showed sister taungea the juice you sent and she told me not to drink it! i asked her why and she said, “for tomorrow we die!” haha it was SO FUNNY that girl is hilarious. but we ended up not drinking it because they used it medicinally in the islands (i got the feeling that it clears ya out..if you catch my drift). she said that they drink the milk/juice/water from the green coconuts. i’m sure i’ll be learning in the philippines!
  • i learned more about tacloban this week! most of the cebuano teachers at the MTC served in cebu, but i ran into one yesterday who served in tacloban so obviously i got the deets on EVERYTHING! i always knew that i would most likely be learning another language once i got there, called waray-waray. but what i didn’t know is that about 70% of the tacloban mission is waray speaking and only 30% is cebuano. i just have this feeling that my first area will be waray and all the cebuano i know from the MTC will be unapplicable! until i am in a cebuano area. so we shall see, we shall see!
  • we had in field orientation meeting yesterday. i promise you that it sounds much more interesting than it actually is! i was expecting/hoping to be taught survival tips or something awesome like that! haha jk. but it actually was just a whole day meeting (from 8am-5pm) about how to plan, work with members to do the work, etc. obviously i was reaching a little too high when i thought we’d be tying knots staring fires hahahaha. but it was good. guess who is in charge of it? yep, brother macfarlane my old seminary teacher hahaha funny.
  • random thought: how many miles is it to tacloban??? i’m just thinking in terms of skymiles hahaha
there are a lot of other things that happened this week that i’m sure i’m not thinking of! its been a good week though. and a good experience at the MTC! i don’t know why people talk about the MTC like its a miserable place…i have loved it! i have been really blessed to have a really great district that gets along, and incredible teachers. i feel very blessed. the philippines will be a wonderful, new adventure. a part of me doesn’t want to leave the MTC because its become comfortable! but there is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone! i am very nervous, but yet even more excited to be heading to tacloban. I KNOW that there are specific people there that i’m supposed to find and teach the gospel to. and man oh man am I grateful that i’ll have the spirit to guide me to those people! i LOVE this gospel!
love you all! next time i email, it will be from the philippines!!
love, j

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