Today is my month mark!

i’ve been here for a month SAY WHAT!
FUN FACT: there are no C’s in the Cebuano language….confusing right? the language is really called visaya
We got our travel plans today! sorry i don’t have the info in front of me. more deets to come. here’s what i know though: we fly out on delta on a 8ish o’clock flight October 16th to portland, then to tokyo (i’m so stoked for the bathrooms, i’ve heard they are like in cars 2 haha) and then to Manila! apparently we will stay at the manila M

TC for a few days before going to our missions. i’ll keep you posted!
so a lot went down this week! mostly i just realized how soon we leave and it kinda freaked me out!
this week:
  • my cold is finally gone!!!! its taken all this time. i was on the up and up and then randomly on saturday it was like it started to come back again. but all is well now!
  • I woke up one day thinking i had pink eye! so i wore my glasses (see the pic i will send) and everyone told me how intellectual i looked. HAHA funny.
  • Sunday i let our district in an hour long discussion about the BOM. it was way cool
  • Sunday night devotional was given by Stephen B. Allen. Mom, does Grandpa know him? i was just curious because he is in charge of the missionary dept. anyway, random. it was a way good devotional!
  • since we are leaving soon, i have realized how sad i will be to say goodbye to the cebu and cebu east missionaries. we have bonded hard core. one in particular, sister lefler, i was friends with instantly. it was way weird because we both thought the other looked familiar when we first met. but we don’t know each other, so obviously we make saturday’s warrior jokes about how we met in the pre existence haha!
  • something i observed this week: the people who are going to tacloban are seemingly resilient people (excluding me haha). i was trying to figure out the trend between those going to tacloban and those going to cebu. the people who are going to tacloban are people, who based on my knowledge and observation have gone through a heck of a lot to be, and some who have really hard backgrounds. LOTS of polys are going to tacloban. not a ton of white people. not to say that cebu people haven’t gone through a lot. just an observation i’ve made, hope it doesn’t come across wrong.
  • mom, its weird to think that i am w/in a mile of you everyday, yet i’m so far away!
  • so this week we got to host the new missionaries! 526 arrived this wednesday. its the last big batch of the season. i got to host 2 sisters: one going to portugal, one going to africa. CRAZY. not gonna lie, it was rough seeing all those families saying goodbye. but it was good for me to be able to reassure them that all would be well! and yeah, saw bro holyoak! super cool! funny thing about hosting: some elders in our district tried to spread a rumor to the new missionaries that there would be an MTC dance on Saturday! bahahah so funny.
  • funny thing: on fast sunday it was so depressing to have to study during mealtime instead of eating that we ended up playing a game where we guessed what everyone’s parents’ names were. haha. so now everytime i mention something about you mom our whole district says, “oh, karen! we love her” hahahahahha
  • so this week has been a little chilly. and last sunday there was snow on the mountain that all the islanders/polys freaked out about when we were on our temple walk! some people in our district told them that if it snows, they better be careful because they could get frostbite. one kid asked how, and someone told him to beware of the snowcrabs. hahahahhaah our district is so hilarious.
  • so sleeping at the mtc. is a dream come true because i’m getting TWICE as much sleep as usual 4-5hrs vs. 8hrs. i have, however, lost my talent of falling asleep within 2 minutes. but that is ok because i’m well rested for the first time in my life haha
  • funny thing: the islanders/Polynesians found out that my name is jennifer. so now they yell “jennifer lopez” at me and our district leader corrects them haha. also, one elder in our district is from tonga with a super thick accent. he always yells pokemon randomly and it is SO funny.
  • another random thing: mom and dad do we know of any breretons that are on a mission? a couple. apparently they were at the mtc last week. i just heard about it. also, there is a peter burgoyne here, going to russia. any relation?
  • another funny thing: at the end of one class our district leader asked me to say the prayer. but it was awesome: “sister brereton, will you offer the prayer-aton” SO FUNNY. i’d never heard that one before! now we joke that i will become a televangelist with my show being called prayeraton with brereton hahaha
  • mom will you send me the pic of me with david archuleta? filipinos love him so i want to take it with me. have lauren get it off my facebook or something. thanks
  • ok sister t’s bday. MOM THANK YOU for sending that stuff. and the pictures. she LOVED it all. i am so grateful we got to throw a little party for her. thanks so much mom!
  • we got to skype with a lady in tacloban last night for TRC! it was way cool! except she kept speaking back to us in english because she served her mission at temple square. but a way cool expericence and maybe i’ll run into her someday!
  • ok final thought before i run out of time. The spirit definitely speaks to me in a much more distinctive way as a missionary. several instances have taught me that, but one in particular was very cool. There is another sister going to the philppines (or the ‘ppines as we call it these days) but not in our mission. sister taungea is friends with her, so naturally so am i! she has been having a hard time with the american food here. so here is my story: yesterday we were sitting our classroom when sister t told me she needed to go to the bathroom. off we went and i was waiting for her to go into the bathroom but someone started talking to her and i just waited by the bathroom. meanwhile, this other sister from kiribati, sister bwebwetaaki (bey-bey-talk-e) stumbles over the bathroom, clutching her stomach. i told her to go in because my companion wasn’t inside (sidenote: the bathroom is a one person bathroom). a few min later my companion comes over to the bathroom and i told her what just happened. sister B came out a minute later crying, and sister T grabbed her around the stomach, trying to help her relieve the pain (some kiribati thing).  i didn’t know what to do, but thankfully a teacher came over a minute later and took her to the health clinic. after all of this was over, my companion looked at me and said, “aren’t you going to go to the bathroom now?” i looked at her and said, “no…i thought you needed to go.” She looked at me weird and said she didn’t but that she remembered me asking if we could go. but i remember her asking to go. we had a little teary eyed moment when we realized that we just needed to be there to help sister bwebwetaaki. i know that it was the spirit that made it so we would be in the right place at the right time! i’m thankful for the holy ghost and the promptings it gives to me as a missionary! it is only because of the spirit that missionaries are able to be effective.
i am so grateful to be on a mission! sometimes i can’t believe that i’m actually doing the thing that i’ve been planning to do for SO LONG. i’m grateful for the gospel and that i get to spread the good news to the people of the Philippines in just 2 weeks!
love you all!
love, j


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