A quick week!


i can’t believe its pday again! i know i was just complaining how time goes by slowly. but this week was waaaaaaay fast!
How are you all doing? thanks for all the dear elders and letters and packages. love you ALL so MUCH! i hope Doug is doing well now! and when i heard that Emily was home i thought WHAT? that 18 months went by quick, right? the same will happen for me. Give Em a hug for me!!!!! today for pday the international missionaries went to a session in SLC so i told them all to look for a sister burgoyne, but no luck. so ryan: it was totally meant to be that you saw her the other day.
this week has been really good. not super eventful. but i will let you know the deets day by day.
sidenote: do i write exactly how i talk in real life? because i have been told that a lot lately. feedback appreciated #thanks
Saturday: normal, class, etc. nothing to report
Sunday: the temple dedication! but before that, we had sacrament meeting. you know how every missionary in the branch is supposed to prepare a talk in case they get called on? well let me tell you a little story. Saturday night i was getting ready for bed when the thought came to me, “i’m going to have to speak tomorrow” I kinda shrugged it off and hoped that it wouldn’t be the case. of course i prepared my talk though! Sunday morning comes, and remember how i have been sick? (update on being sick: i’m totally over it now, but have been coughing the whole time and only stopped coughing (finally!) yesterday) Before sacrament meeting started, we were in our classroom studying. our branch president came in to chat for a minute. since i was coughing so much he said, “i don’t usually do this because i’m not supposed to medicate missionaries but do you want this cough medicine pill thing?” i declined because 5 minutes before I had taken cough syrup. as we walked over to sacrament meeting he asked me and the other sisters if we had prepared talks. i thought nothing of it. but yes, i did indeed get called on to speak! my talk was about faith in Jesus Christ. At the end, one of the branch counselor’s wives came up to thank me, and then she was super nice and told me that it was one of the best talks she has ever heard since being at the mtc. But here’s the thing. I felt like i was super scatter brained during my talk. it was ok, but nothing to warrant that kind of praise from her. So either she was just being super crazy nice, or the spirit was very present and touched her in some way! which as a missionary is exactly what is supposed to happen. Because I am definitely not a perfect teacher in any way, shape, or form. THE SPIRIT is the teacher! and it doesn’t get any better than that! So after sacrament meeting we went to the 10 o’clock temple dedication. I loved it so much! it was one of those times where i just get so excited about the gospel! sitting there before it started, i realized, this is the longest i have sat with nothing to do since being at the MTC! it was good to reflect for a few minutes. the speakers were great and spirit taught me a lot. Not to mention, it was THE COOLEST thing to be in the huge MTC auditorium with a zillion other missionaries during the hosanna shout! it was like a sea of white handkerchiefs! super cool.
Monday: a pretty normal day of classes and all the good stuff. We’ve been having a bunch of different teachers teach us lately. We still have our main teacher, brother pasikala, who is FANTASTIC. But we’ve had a few substitutes for our other teacher and i have loved it! its very cool to be taught by different people who are all outstanding, but have different experiences and put different emphasis on different things. I’ve learned a lot. I had a Cebuano breakthough too. Which has been incredible. I’m understanding so much more than before. and i’m starting to be able to say what i WANT to say! its a very weird, but cool language.
Tuesday: found out that we don’t get to sing in general conference 😦 which so bums me out. the elders are singing in priesthood though, so look for them! I super wanted to sing so i’m sad for me, but mostly i’m just sad for my cute companion. i can’t remember if i’ve told you before, but almost daily she tells me that she wants to see the prophet. so i’m sad for her, but its all good! it reminds me of the plot of the joseph smith movie because it starts and ends with the redhead girl from england who converts and moves to america and hopes to see joseph smith. at the end she doesn’t see him, but concludes that she doesn’t have to see him to know that he is the prophet! thats what this situation reminds me of! haha. On Tuesday night for the devotional, Elder Ballard came! its crazy that we’d had 2 apostles in a row (Elder Scott last week). Apparently its super uncommon for this to happen. He didn’t write a talk, just spoke to us like he would his grandkids haha. It made me miss both of my grandpas! His talk was very good and i felt so lucky to be there! Also at the devotional i found my calculator watch twin! i know you hate my watch mom, but its now one of my favorite things! this week i used the calculator to estimate how many calories i consumed from cough drops hahah #nerdalert. other thing that happened tuesday: my back muscles started hurting because i cough so much. seriously i’ve coughed so much that i now have abs of steel. but its all good now! no more coughing!
Wednesday: The day i reached my 1/2 way mark at the MTC! also, we started playing 4 square during gym time. it is hilarious because the elders get so into it. its way fun though.
Thursday: The day i realized i was getting a little sick of the MTC food. the food is fine, its just definitely mass produced food. haha having taken a foodservice class for dietetics makes me kind of hard on the cafeteria though haha. it really is all fine though. this week is sister taungea’s birthday! on the 29th!
Random other things that don’t fall under a day
– i now have a scripture case because this random elder in my district made me one out of poster board haha. i didn’t ask him to, he just gave it to be one day haha so funny.
– you’ve asked about the communal showers and i’ve heard you. they’re not terrible actually. we cleaned them ourselves. each day of the week different sisters have different responsibilities. but the funny thing with the bathroom is that people sing in the showers. like hardcore. some people are good, others are….not. it kind of makes me feel like i’m listening to american idol auditions, except there aren’t any judges to tell them to stop haha.
– yes, i have been teaching yoga to the sisters in my district! its super fun. they’re way funny about it.
– also, sorry this email is so random. i write stuff as i remember it!
well, i’m out of time!
i love you all! thanks for all the prayers and support! i appreciate it.
this gospel is true! if it wasn’t i wouldn’t be here! (duh)

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