I drink chocolate milk at every meal and i’m not ashamed of it!

w/Sis Taungea

w/Sis Taungea


how are you all? thanks a million for all the dear elders and letters and packages. you people are too good to me!
this week went by quickly! i know last week i complained how weird the time is here. now the time is going fast. we just started our 3rd week here! crazy. soon we’ll be 1/2 way done with the mtc. also, this week was seriously hilarious. so many funny things happened. i’ll go day by day.
last friday/pday: we did our laundry, other pday type things, and then we were supposed to teach our investigator, linzera. We’d been planning/memorizing our lesson all day long but when we walked into class who was there? Linzera! except for suddenly she had an mtc teacher name tag on! she was going to teach us! i always knew that she wasn’t a real investigator…what i didn’t know was that she is a co-teacher for our class. so now we have 2 teachers!
Saturday: a normal day of classes. uneventful.
Sunday: woke up feeling not so hot. i was coughing kinda and my throat hurt. but i pressed on! when i got to church i was feeling worse and was praying that i wouldn’t get called on for the random talks in sacrament meeting. my prayers were answered. during church was when i realized that basically half of our branch has the same bug so i wasn’t surprised that i came down with it too.
Monday: uneventful, i think…the days are starting to blur together….k i give up telling you about each day. honestly i don’t know what day certain things happened.
One morning i woke up with the thought, “i could have strep throat!” i was surprised i didn’t think of it before because my nose wasn’t stuffy/runny or anything. my throat just killed and i was coughing. so i dragged myself over to the health center and tried to schedule an appt with uncle david, but he was all booked up. what ended up happening was a nurse gave me the strep test which turned out negative, and i went on my way! meanwhile taking advil because my throat was killing me. i was just plugging online until yesterday (thursday) I was feeling terrible! sidenote: another girl in our district is sick with the same type thing too. so we both asked for priesthood blessings from our district leader. FUNNY story: my hair was in a bun on top of my head, so the elders didn’t know where to drop the oil on my head…ultimately they chose to put it right in the middle, divot of my bun! haha. after that we went back to our residence to sleep which was the best decision ever! i felt a lot better after but still not 100%. since then i’ve had a fever, aches, etc. BUT i’m FINE NOW! seriously like 90% better today!!!
another funny story which i will call “the couch syrup catastrophe of 2014”: yesterday in class we had to teach our progressing investigator who is now our teacher brother pasikala. my companion and i taught him about the book of mormon and we asked him if he would read and pray about it. to make a long story short, he said no haha. so obviously our teacher is trying to make things more realistic for us haha. which is good! but that is not the funny story. the story is that while the companionship of boys was teaching and it was just the sisters left in our classroom, i decided to take more cough medicine. i opened the bottle poured some out into the little cup thing, and set the bottle on my desk. that was my first mistake. the bottle slid off the desk, landed in my lap, and fell to the floor! cough medicine was EVERYWHERE! i screamed (at least i’m told..i don’t remember haha) and grabbed the bottle but not before 3/4 of it was on my skirt/on the ground! luckily the sisters i’m with are the best people ever. they cleaned up the floor while my companion and i ran back to our residence and changed my skirt while my amazing companion rinse out my skirt/slip/garments in the bathroom sink! we ran back to class and right as i sat down our teacher and the elders walked back in to start class. it was the best timing EVER! sidenote: both carpet and skirt are fiiiiiine.
also, i made a fool of myself twice this week so obviously i will tell you all about it! the first time, our teacher sister millar was teaching us how to say relative/family/brother/sister/etc. in cebuano she said, “stand up if you’re a brother”. I honestly didn’t really listen to what she said after the “stand up” part, and since she was making eye contact with me, i stood up! suddenly everyone started laughing and i looked around to see a bunch of elders and ME standing there haha waaaaaay funny. Second funny thing. Our teacher wants us to teach him a lesson as a class on saturday night in english. So he wanted us to ask him more get-to-know-you questions so we can assess his needs and teach him accordingly. Although the lesson will be in english, the get to know stuff is all in cebuano. I was getting ready to ask “do you have a girlfriend?” (which was one of the first questions i learned to ask in cebauno haha) But instead of saying the word for girlfriend, uyab, i said ugma! Which translates to, “do you have a tomorrow?” haha my teacher responded saying he really hoped that he would be blessed with another day to live haha waaaaaay funny.
other eventful things of the week: elder scott spoke at the tuesday night devotional. it was way cool! he talked about prayer. and said that he invokes a blessing upon the missionaries that as we pray the Lord will indicate things we as missionaries need to do to be successful in our mission and as we take note (literally) of the feelings and follow them we will be successful! super cool. i felt blessed to be there.
i love being a missionary and although i don’t have a ton to say because our days are mostly the same, I am loving everything!
love you all! thanks for all the love and support!
love, j
p.s. i’m on a computer that will let me send pics! so expect those!
The Kiribati Sister missionaries!

The Kiribati Sister missionaries!

The sister missionaries in the district.

The sister missionaries in the district.


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