I’m Living in a Time Warp!

hello all!

thanks for the awesome letters and emails and dear elders. they make my day, my life, my mission!

I cannot believe that i’ve only been at the mtc for a little over a week! the mtc is seriously a time warp. the days go kinda fast-ish, but then the weeks are slow. its incredible how much i’ve learned thus far. i can pray, bear testimony, and teach lessons in cebuano. if that isn’t the power of the holy ghost and a testament to the reality of the gift of tongues, i don’t know what is!!!!!!
i’ve made a list of things i’ve thought of throughout the week that i want to tell you!!! so sorry if things are in a random order.
first, Mom thanks for the news about kate and will. baby #2? holla! let me know when they find out the gender haha.
so this week has been a normal week (at least i assume, i haven’t been here that long after all haha). days are mostly the same. we have breakfast at 7ish and then are in class by 7:40. we an hour study of each: personal study, companionship, and language. there are other study sessions scheduled throughout the day. we have class w/ our teacher (who is seriously the coolest, best teacher i could ever hope for) for 3 hours. add lunch and dinner in the day. and add more studying in for the rest of the gaps throughout the day and welcome to the mtc. that’s all we do! but somehow, even w/ the monotony i love it!!!
on sunday we had our temple walk. if i was a rebel i’d tell you what time to meet me there haha. but let me just tell you i felt like an inmate being let out to the prison yard! don’t get me wrong, i just didn’t realize how much i am indoors (i’m getting paler by the minute if that is even possible?) until we walked to the temple. its a miracle i didn’t get a sunburn haha.
i also spent all week like trying to figure out how to grammatically correctly ask if our teacher has a girlfriend. hilarious. so yes, i am still nosy. business as usual.
my cute companion from kiribati and i had some laughs this week. apparently lots of our american hand gestures mean terrible, terrible things in kiribati. so that made for some hilarious conversations! (if you ever go to kiribati, do not do the a-ok sign haha)
also for the sunday devo Elder Sitati of the quorum of the 70 spoke. very good and very cool. he talked about remembering diving potential. way cool. i joined the mtc choir in hopes that we will sing in general conference! no word if we will yet, but i’m not missing out on the opportunity if it presents itself! so one thing i’m loving about the mtc is that i see a person i know like everyday. so far i’m averaging 1 person/day. its a blast and totally fun for me to see people from the outside world! i’ve seen a bunch of dietetics friends who work in the cafeteria, and also some from my ward, and other places too. speaking of which, tell david and colleen THANKS a million for me! and thank you for the snacks. i’ve been wasting away (k, not really) but i do get hungry at night (some things never change, right??) so thank you!
we had a lesson with our investigator, linzera last night! we teach her almost everyday, but last night was special because we committed her to baptism! we teach her again tonight. #giftoftongues
so my very very favorite thing lately is that i get to teach sweet sister taungnea about all sorts of american things! last night she said to me that the mtc provided her with something but she didn’t know what it was! she dug through her things for a minute, and then produced a package with dental floss in it! I taught her how to floss her teeth! apparently its not a thing in kiribati. who would know because her teeth are beautiful. gosh wish i could send you the pic of us flossing (dumb mtc computers!) it was seriously the most adorable thing to teach her how to floss haha. sister malu says she thinks we act like a mother and daughter because i have to explain/teach her lots of things haha. i love it. its so fun for me. after the flossing we had a discussion about braces because she screamed when she saw me pop out my retainer haha. so funny. and so fun!
well i wish i had more time. there are lot more things i could say! i have to write our branch president now! but before i do, mom thank you for the stuff you sent via David.
THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL! the church is true. that’s for sure.
ayo-ayo (goodbye!)
love, j

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